Company Profile

Technical Company & Quarries

THIAMIS S.A. was founded in 1972 by Ioannis Voutsikas and is based in Peristeri. George Voutsikas has taken over as president since 2009. The company, during the first years of operation and development was active mainly in the field of earthworks.

In the following years, the company continued to evolve, expanding its services to include other fields of technical works.

At the same time, the family history, and the tradition in the field of quarrying in Argolis, led the company in the field of mining and sale of marbles, where it has been successfully active for the past 13 years, growing its portfolio with new mining points and expanded range of materials.

Our purpose is to continue evolving through the provision of high-quality services, always having as focal points the experience and consistency towards the customer. Our goal is the establishment of THIAMIS S.A. in the marble market through the expansion of the variety of excellent quality marbles originating from its quarries.

Why partner with us

Partners as valuable as your project

THIAMIS S.A. is manned with specialized and experienced personnel who work tirelessly to ensure the quality of our services and the result of our work.

  • The designers and supervisors of every project are graduate engineers (civil engineers, architects, surveyors, mining engineers and geologists)
  • The company, in addition to its permanent staff, also maintains construction crews of trusted partners.
  • High standards proprietary mechanical equipment covers the full range of needs of the company’s activity.
  • State-of-the-art materials used always in-line with market developments.
  • Direct access to marble quarries creates the basis for enhanced cooperation by providing integrated solutions.
  • Reliability, consistency, and impeccable cooperation with our customers to date, as well as many years of experience in technical projects, are proof of the quality of our services and our people.

Areas of Operation

•  Road / Infrastructure Projects
•  Industrial Projects
•  Hydraulic works
•  Geotechnical works
•  Retaining works
•  Land improvement operations
•  Grouting
• Jet Grouting / Gunite

•  Subgrades
•  Underground Works
•  Tunnels
•  Specialized Demolition works
•  Repairs and reinforcement projects
•  Building projects
•  Marble quarrying
•  Marble block trading