Completion of works in the Historical Square of the Municipal Theater of Piraeus (“Municipal Theater” Station)

THIAMIS S.A. has successfully completed the restoration and reconstruction works of the preserved, marble Municipal Theater Square, in Piraeus, within the framework of the  “Municipal Theater” METRO station construction project of “ATTIKO METRO S.A.”. The works lasted 4 months and the square was delivered to the public along with the METRO stations “Municipal Theater”, “Maniatika” and “Piraeus”.

The project scope included initially the restoration of the stored marbles and then reconstruction of the Historical Square to its pre-existing structure. The restoration of the preserved marble parts of the square was done according to the recorded pathology so that their repositioning could be done, with coding per pallet.

The second part of the project included the installation of marble paving on the sides of the square, moulding, concreting and placing of technoliths and marble stones for the construction of the squares’ pillars, placing of the marble stones of the garden curbs, molding and laying of special colored non-slip pebbled concrete, and repositioning the pre-existing statue of Eleftherios Venizelos on a new floor along with the two fountains.

The completion of the project ensures the full functionality of the “Municipal Theater” METRO station, while at the same time returns a historic public space to the city.