Planting Works at “Plasa” Quarry

THIAMIS S.A., aiming to reduce its environmental footprint and always in accordance with the current legislation, has started planting works at its “Plasa” quarry, in the municipality of Ermionida, Argolis regional unit.

The goal of these works is to restore the natural landscape by reintroducing native plant species, stabilize the soil through strategic planting, and reduce the visual pollution of the quarry.

For this purpose, 400 saplings were acquired, including cypress, pine, oleander, and buckthorn. The selected species, according to the approved Environmental Impact Study, are best suited to the local climate and soil conditions. The planting works are being carried out in phases to ensure successful establishment and growth.

The company will continue the environmental restoration in the subsequent stages of extraction so that the quarry evolves into a space that benefits both nature and people.